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Lucky June 27, 2011

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There has been a cool thing that happen’d here and were happy. Well I bet you are wondering what it is huh? It is a new kitten! It is Lucy had a kitten! It happen’d that Lucy had went in a closet we never go in but the us kids like to go in wen playing Hide-Go-Seek. Wile we were playing Hide-Go-Seek I went in there to hide and I heard something so I called time out to see what it was and it was Lucy. The next day wen my dad got out of bed he heard a kitten. So he got up to see what it was and he went in the closet and found a kitten in a closet in a guitar box. So my dad got it and showed Lucy the kitten at first Lucy didn’t know what to do with it so my dad had to help Lucy! Later we called him faced timed with him and showed him to us then we decided to name him Lucky. We came home and he is so cute we are happy he is alive!


Summer 2011 June 22, 2011

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Wow summer is crazy hot. I already went on vacation! It was like the best vacation ever! Anyway it is crazy hot this summer and I bet everyone wants to just relax in water I know I do. But I love summer because no school all season! But I’m just ready to just sit down in some water for a hour or two. I wish it would cool down just the way I like it then just stay outside forever and just do that all summer long:)