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Since like what…January??? June 27, 2013

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It’s been since like what January since I last posted??? WOW. Okay so what’s been going on lately is that school has been out for about a month or so now!!, I had my birthday and turned 11, Owen turned 7, etc. and since we are out of school now I don’t get to see my friends:( and I miss being able to talk to them in person I mean texting and talking on the phone just isn’t enough. My neighbors moved:( so now I can’t see my friend Piper and her little brother Colin:( they were fun to play with!  Also none of my friends came to my party!! sure they all had reasons but still NONE of them came:( But I still had fun. For my birthday I got $70 in cash, a $30 Aeropostle gift card, a $10 Walmart gift card, and a few things from Bath and Body Works!!! and to add on to that I got to have a sleep over with my cousin Keinzie, and got to go shopping with my mom!!! so that was fun. It’s the 27th right now so that means 3 more days of June which means it’s almost….July which means it’s almost…..July 4th which means it’s almost…..VACATION TIME!!! My dad and his girlfriend Brianne are taking us to Disney World on the 18th and I can’t wait to go it is going to be so fun!!! Last time we went it was so fun and that was 2 years ago!! and during that time they have added the New Fantasy Land and I can’t wait to go there in the New Fantasy Land they have added more characters, restaurants, and of course MORE RIDES!!!!! So yeah can’t wait to go. I hope this is enough of a update for you. Blog later.


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